An Awareness of Expression

Little Giant Apparel evolved from a need for self expression. In 2010 as I walked amongst the suits populating the streets of mid-town NYC I began to pick up on how men in suits were evolving towards a more West Coast style of dress, in particular they were losing the tie. Neckties are one of the few accessories allowing such men in blue, grey or black suits an outlet to express their inner style. Losing the tie therefore meant one's socks were the major accoutrement in which to individualize yourself and so began the sock doping race of the well-heeled.

Socks are the current mode of self-expression in men's wear. The ladies have long had their peacock game in place. 

From 2010 on the same self-expression can also observed in amateur cycling circles. Cycling's parallel to trends in business apparel became very apparent to me. The growing popularity of professional and amateur club cycling placed greater attention on a coordinated on-the-bike-look. There is a well worn statement in cycling that says "socks make the kit".  Style conscious cyclists are demanding more expressive ways to stand out - don't believe me? Just search the Instagram hashtag, #sockdoping. Cycling apparel companies such as Machines for Freedom, Capo, Ten Speed Hero, Volero and Jaggad are addressing this desire for performance matched to better self expression with your kit.  Little GIANT recognizes your desire to standout among friends on a coffee ride, whilst hammering your local weekend beatdown or dishing out the pain at your local criterium. We want you to look as good on the bike as you do off it. Whether you are running your favorite trail or exceeding your goals at the gym Little GIANT wants you to turn heads and get people talking.

Little Giant Apparel is born from this desire to rock out with dope SOCKS*.

*watch this space - we look forward to developing new products and designs regularly.